Design1 Website Development Information

With the rapid evolution of internet technology, the modern website must keep up with the flow of information. The old days of 'surfing the web' have faded, now we use the internet in many new ways. Reaching that diverse audience is just the first part of getting an internet presence, and by no means a guarentee of attracting clients.

This entire site was designed to be optimised for a large variety of screen types, using only HTML and CSS coding. All the effects were created to be simple and effective. Using a blend of artistry, design and coding, our designs are creative and unique. Certainly, we could have used any of the many, diverse and costly addons, but many viewers will not want to download new codes and programs. Potential clients wont waste any time, and will just take their business to the next website. Many times these websites use these 'extensions' for neat little effects, but his is like using a bulldoser to fill a footprint. These methods may have the appearance of functionality on your screen, but there are questions of browser compatablitiy and readiness for future web development. We are dedicated to creative and effective approaches by using the right tools for each job.