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This website was created and designed by Design1 Head Designer Julio Villamil.

This Entire site was designed to be optimised for a large variety of screen types, using smart coding to enable advanced browsers to experience the latest in web technology.

Using a blend of artistry, design and modern coding techniques, our designs are creative and unique.

This site may be viewed on a variety of screen sizes, ready for everything from a huge workstation monitor to a small netbook screen!

Dynamic websites, and matching promotional products, this is the one stop shop for your project!

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Maximize your Internet Presence

  • Custom Website Design and Coding
  • Hosting Solutions
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Easy to use Content Management (CMS) Technology
  • Modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • and much, much more...

Modern Website Design

Every business needs a website these days, especially since a majority of your potential clients are using the web to find products and services. However, browsing the web can be frustrating for people at times, and if your website doesn't captivate a potential client in the first few seconds, they are going to move on to a competitors site that will.

All ready have a website? Perhaps it's time to take care of the outdated, poorly conceptualized interface, and begin to tap into the millions of users that could be looking at your business!

Our main objective at Design1 is to craft the best possible experience, through primarily visual mediums. Our website's and ads are created from the concept to the finished product to be appealing to your clients. We don't need to give in to the temptation to include unnecessary information, or to have cumbersome visual effects. We are here to help you communicate, and to generate contacts, leads, and ultimately, sales!

Need to update content frequently? Our web experts can take the reigns and maintain your site, update content, and fine tune your internet capabilities. We also offer top notch Content Management Systems (CMS) for your business to be enabled to adjust the content and add anything from images, products, videos, and more, on a daily basis (if necessary). Sound intimidating? Don't worry, the user interface is easy to use for anyone with any word processing experience!


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